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First Lab (Tues)


interval t (sec) v(ft/s) ft in
0 0
'0-1 0.5 2 1
'1-2 1.5 6 8
'2-3 2.5 9 5
'3-4 3.5 8 2
'4-5 4.5 14 7
'5-6 5.5 10 5


  1. Go two the wikiversity page and explain what they did in your own words. Try to make it a better report.
  2. The begin to analyize the data shown above using excel.

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Footnote and disclaimer

  1. Jimbo Wales has no knowledge that this page exists and that I enrolled him as my student. It just sounded like a fun way to make one of my student wikis public. I did leave a message on his Wikiversity talk-page requesting permission to do this.--Guy vandegrift