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This sandbox is currently being used by a student. Pleaee us a different one. If you are that student, copy/paste this into an email and send it to your instructor. The subject heading should be:
HTW permalink
send it to guy.vandegrift

I am the student for the person in Sandbox 2

Global warming quiz 1[edit]

1. Between 1970 and 2000 there was a pause for approximately 10 years.

1. The pause between 1970 and the year 2013 only lasted 3 years.

2. energy is stored as water is warmed up

2. there are three types of energy kinetic, potential, and themal

2. Thermal energy that is created by the sun on the surface of the water that enters the ocean sinks to the bottom within a few years.

2.Which of the following is NOT an example of storing energy
a)lifting weight up a hill
b)pushing a stationary block along a flat floor, letting it come to rest again
c)heating a cup of coffee
d) melting some ice
answer: b