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First Lab[edit]

What I did with the motion detector:

I observed the box being opened and another student got the motion detector working as it started to make a buzzing sound. The small tablet screen would then display a graph of the distance between the detector and the object in front of it. By starting the detector far away from the floor, moving the detector closer, and then moving the detector back to its original position we were able to create a parabolic shape.

Spitwad Lab[edit]

wikiversity:Physics and Astronomy Labs/Uniform acceleration tapping basketball with spitwads

The main focus of this lab was to observe the acceleration of a ball as a constant force is applied to the ball. The way this goal was achieved through the use of a basketball, a meter stick, and some spitwads. Evey one was assigned a different role within the lab group. One student would use the meter stick to apply a constant force to the ball. To apply this force a rhythmic taping is done with the meter stick to keep the ball accelerating. While the ball is accelerating along the floor three other students stand along the side ready with spitwads. At every second the students would shoot spitwads at the basketball to track the progress of the ball along the floor. Another student was then assigned to be the timer of the group. The timer's role was to call out every second thus allowing the spitwad students to shoot at every second.